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Welcome back everyone!
The Holy Cross Women’s Rowing team is once again running the Love the Fight A-Thon (previously known as Grace to the Finish).  We will continue to raise money for The G.R.A.C.E Center.   The rowing team will be erging from
December 15th at 8am to December 17th at 10pm
to honor Grace’s continuous 62 hour World-Record-Breaking row in 2019.  The event will take place at
The G.R.A.C.E. Center at OLV (Our Lady of the Valley Regional School) in Uxbridge, MA.
The fundraiser will be open to the public from 8am to 8pm for the three days. If you or your team is interested in joining us, please message us!
Love the fight 💜
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In our first year we raised over $600,000 in the 62 hour and 3 second fund raiser "GRACE to the FINISH"!!! ...and the second year we added over $400,000!!!

So far in total we have raised over $3.6 million dollars towards our goal of $3.8 million for the project and we opened The G.R.A.C.E. Center in January 2022!


Thank you so much!!  We are surrounded by your support and love and it is literally holding us up. 

Donations are still open.   Please consider making an additional contribution or help us to reach out to someone who may be in a position to make a donation.  


Our Lady of the Valley Regional School

75 Mendon Street Uxbridge, MA 01569


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